Internationalization and Localization

The source code of ejabberd supports localization. The translators can edit the gettext .po files using any capable program (KBabel, Lokalize, Poedit...) or a simple text editor.

Then gettext is used to extract, update and export those .po files to the .msg format read by ejabberd. To perform those management tasks, in the src/ directory execute make translations. The translatable strings are extracted from source code to generate the file ejabberd.pot. This file is merged with each .po file to produce updated .po files. Finally those .po files are exported to .msg files, that have a format easily readable by ejabberd.

All built-in modules support the xml:lang attribute inside IQ queries.

The following example shows the reply to the following query:

<iq id='5'
  <query xmlns=''/>

The Web Admin also supports the Accept-Language HTTP header.