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Upgrade to ejabberd 21.07

Database changes

Add missing indexes to SQL sr_group table

The sr_group table in SQL databases got a new index.

If you store Shared Roster Groups in a SQL database, you can create the index corresponding to your database type, check the example SQL queries in the commit.

MySQL Backend Patch for scram-sha512

The MySQL database schema has improved to support scram-sha512 (#3582)

If you have a MySQL database, you can update your schema with:

ALTER TABLE users MODIFY serverkey varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’’;
ALTER TABLE users MODIFY salt varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’’;

API change

Change in srg_create

That command API has changed the name argument to label, for coherence with the changes in the ejabberd Web Admin page.

Check ejabberdctl help srg_create or the API page.

Command-line change

Changes in ejabberdctl help

The help command has changed its usage and results.

If you use that command in some automatic script, please check ejabberdctl help and adapt your scripts accordingly.