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Version 24.02


  • Added Matrix gateway in mod_matrix_gw
  • Support SASL2 and Bind2
  • Support tls-server-end-point channel binding and sasl2 codec
  • Support tls-exporter channel binding
  • Support XEP-0474: SASL SCRAM Downgrade Protection
  • Fix presenting features and returning results of inline bind2 elements
  • disable_sasl_scram_downgrade_protection: New option to disable XEP-0474
  • negotiation_timeout: Increase default value from 30s to 2m
  • mod_carboncopy: Teach how to interact with bind2 inline requests


  • ejabberdctl: Fix startup problem when having set EJABBERD_OPTS and logger options
  • ejabberdctl: Set EJABBERD_OPTS back to "", and use previous flags as example
  • eldap: Change logic for eldap tls_verify=soft and false
  • eldap: Don't set fail_if_no_peer_cert for eldap ssl client connections
  • Ignore hints when checking for chat states
  • mod_mam: Support XEP-0424 Message Retraction
  • mod_mam: Fix XEP-0425: Message Moderation with SQL storage
  • mod_ping: Support XEP-0198 pings when stream management is enabled
  • mod_pubsub: Normalize pubsub max_items node options on read
  • mod_pubsub: PEP nodetree: Fix reversed logic in node fixup function
  • mod_pubsub: Only care about PEP bookmarks options when creating node from scratch


  • MySQL: Support sha256_password auth plugin
  • ejabberd_sql_schema: Use the first unique index as a primary key
  • Update SQL schema files for MAM's XEP-0424
  • New option sql_flags: right now only useful to enable mysql_alternative_upsert

Installers and Container:

  • Container: Add ability to ignore failures in execution of CTL_ON_* commands
  • Container: Update to Erlang/OTP 26.2, Elixir 1.16.1 and Alpine 3.19
  • Container: Update this custom ejabberdctl to match the main one
  • make-binaries: Bump OpenSSL 3.2.1, Erlang/OTP 26.2.2, Elixir 1.16.1
  • make-binaries: Bump many dependency versions

Commands API:

  • print_sql_schema: New command available in ejabberdctl command-line script
  • ejabberdctl: Rework temporary node name generation
  • ejabberdctl: Print argument description, examples and note in help
  • ejabberdctl: Document exclusive ejabberdctl commands like all the others
  • Commands: Add a new muc_sub tag to all the relevant commands
  • Commands: Improve syntax of many commands documentation
  • Commands: Use list arguments in many commands that used separators
  • Commands: set_presence: switch priority argument from string to integer
  • ejabberd_commands: Add the command API version as a tag vX
  • ejabberd_ctl: Add support for list and tuple arguments
  • ejabberd_xmlrpc: Fix support for restuple error response
  • mod_http_api: When no specific API version is requested, use the latest

Compilation with Rebar3/Elixir/Mix:

  • Fix compilation with Erlang/OTP 27: don't use the reserved word 'maybe'
  • configure: Fix explanation of --enable-group option (#4135)
  • Add observer and runtime_tools in releases when --enable-tools
  • Update "make translations" to reduce build requirements
  • Use Luerl 1.0 for Erlang 20, 1.1.1 for 21-26, and temporary fork for 27
  • Makefile: Add install-rel and uninstall-rel
  • Makefile: Rename make rel to make prod
  • Makefile: Update make edoc to use ExDoc, requires mix
  • Makefile: No need to use escript to run rebar|rebar3|mix
  • configure: If --with-rebar=rebar3 but rebar3 not system-installed, use local one
  • configure: Use Mix or Rebar3 by default instead of Rebar2 to compile ejabberd
  • ejabberdctl: Detect problem running iex or etop and show explanation
  • Rebar3: Include Elixir files when making a release
  • Rebar3: Workaround to fix protocol consolidation
  • Rebar3: Add support to compile Elixir dependencies
  • Rebar3: Compile explicitly our Elixir files when --enable-elixir
  • Rebar3: Provide proper path to iex
  • Rebar/Rebar3: Update binaries to work with Erlang/OTP 24-27
  • Rebar/Rebar3: Remove Elixir as a rebar dependency
  • Rebar3/Mix: If dev profile/environment, enable tools automatically
  • Elixir: Fix compiling ejabberd as a dependency (#4128)
  • Elixir: Fix ejabberdctl start/live when installed
  • Elixir: Fix: FORMATTER ERROR: bad return value (#4087)
  • Elixir: Fix: Couldn't find file Elixir Hex API
  • Mix: Enable stun by default when vars.config not found
  • Mix: New option vars_config_path to set path to vars.config (#4128)
  • Mix: Fix ejabberdctl iexlive problem locating iex in an OTP release

Version 23.10


  • Erlang/OTP: Raise the requirement to Erlang/OTP 20.0 as a minimum
  • CI: Update tests to Erlang/OTP 26 and recent Elixir
  • Move Xref and Dialyzer options from workflows to rebar.config
  • Add sections to rebar.config to organize its content
  • Dialyzer dirty workarounds because re:mp() is not an exported type
  • When installing module already configured, keep config as example
  • Elixir 1.15 removed support for --app
  • Elixir: Improve support to stop external modules written in Elixir
  • Elixir: Update syntax of function calls as recommended by Elixir compiler
  • Elixir: When building OTP release with mix, keep ERLANG_NODE=ejabberd@localhost
  • ejabberdctl: Pass ERLANG_OPTS when calling erl to parse the INET_DIST_INTERFACE (#4066


  • create_room_with_opts: Fix typo and move examples to args_example (#4080)
  • etop: Let ejabberdctl etop work in a release (if observer application is available)
  • get_roster: Command now returns groups in a list instead of newlines (#4088)
  • halt: New command to halt ejabberd abruptly with an error status code
  • ejabberdctl: Fix calling ejabberdctl command with wrong number of arguments with Erlang 26
  • ejabberdctl: Improve printing lists in results
  • ejabberdctl: Support policy=user in the help and return proper arguments
  • ejabberdctl: Document how to stop a debug shell: control+g


  • Dockerfile: Add missing dependency for mssql databases
  • Dockerfile: Reorder stages and steps for consistency
  • Dockerfile: Use Alpine as base for METHOD=package
  • Dockerfile: Rename packages to improve compatibility
  • Dockerfile: Provide specific OTP and elixir vsn for direct compilation
  • Halt ejabberd if a command in CTL_ON_ fails during ejabberd startup


  • auth_external_user_exists_check: New option (#3377)
  • gen_mod: Extend gen_mod API to simplify hooks and IQ handlers registration
  • gen_mod: Add shorter forms for gen_mod hook/iq_handler API
  • gen_mod: Update modules to the new gen_mod API
  • install_contrib_modules: New option to define contrib modules to install automatically
  • unix_socket: New listener option, useful when setting unix socket files (#4059)
  • ejabberd_systemd: Add a few debug messages
  • ejabberd_systemd: Avoid using gen_server timeout (#4054)(#4058)
  • ejabberd_listener: Increase default listen queue backlog value to 128, which is the default value on both Linux and FreeBSD (#4025)
  • OAuth: Handle badpass error message
  • When sending message on behalf of user, trigger user_send_packet (#3990)
  • Web Admin: In roster page move the AddJID textbox to top (#4067)
  • Web Admin: Show a warning when visiting webadmin with non-privileged account (#4089)


  • Example configuration: clarify 5223 tls options; specify s2s shaper
  • Make sure that policy=user commands have host instead of server arg in docs
  • Improve syntax of many command descriptions for the Docs site
  • Move example Perl extauth script from ejabberd git to Docs site
  • Remove obsolete example files, and add link in Docs to the archived copies

Installers (make-binaries):

  • Bump Erlang/OTP version to 26.1.1, and other dependencies
  • Remove outdated workaround
  • Don't build Linux-PAM examples
  • Fix check for current Expat version
  • Apply minor simplifications
  • Don't duplicate config entries
  • Don't hard-code musl version
  • Omit unnecessary glibc setting
  • Set kernel version for all builds
  • Let curl fail on HTTP errors


  • mod_muc_log: Add trailing backslash to URLs shown in disco info
  • mod_muc_occupantid: New module with support for XEP-0421 Occupant Id (#3397)
  • mod_muc_rtbl: Better error handling in (#4050)
  • mod_private: Add support for XEP-0402 PEP Native Bookmarks
  • mod_privilege: Don't fail to edit roster (#3942)
  • mod_pubsub: Fix usage of plugins option, which produced default_node_config ignore (#4070)
  • mod_pubsub: Add pubsub_delete_item hook
  • mod_pubsub: Report support of config-node-max in pep
  • mod_pubsub: Relay pubsub iq queries to muc members without using bare jid (#4093)
  • mod_pubsub: Allow pubsub node owner to overwrite items published by other persons
  • mod_push_keepalive: Delay wake_on_start
  • mod_push_keepalive: Don't let hook crash
  • mod_push: Add notify_on option
  • mod_push: Set last-message-sender to bare JID
  • mod_register_web: Make redirect to page that end with / (#3177)
  • mod_shared_roster_ldap: Don't crash in get_member_jid on empty output (#3614)


  • Add support to register nick in a room (#3455)
  • Convert allow_private_message MUC room option to allowpm (#3736)
  • Update xmpp version to send roomconfig_changesubject in disco#info (#4085)
  • Fix crash when loading room from DB older than ffa07c6, 23.04
  • Fix support to retract a MUC room message
  • Don't always store messages passed through muc_filter_message (#4083)
  • Pass also MUC room retract messages over the muc_filter_message (#3397)
  • Pass MUC room private messages over the muc_filter_message too (#3397)
  • Store the subject author JID, and run muc_filter_message when sending subject (#3397)
  • Remove existing role information for users that are kicked from room (#4035)
  • Expand rule "mucsub subscribers are members in members only rooms" to more places


  • Add ability to force alternative upsert implementation in mysql
  • Properly parse mysql version even if it doesn't have type tag
  • Use prepared statement with mysql
  • Add alternate version of mysql upsert
  • ejabberd_auth_sql: Reset scram fields when setting plain password
  • mod_privacy_sql: Fix return values from calculate_diff
  • mod_privacy_sql: Optimize set_list
  • mod_privacy_sql: Use more efficient way to calculate changes in set_privacy_list

Version 23.04


  • New s2s_out_bounce_packet hook
  • Re-allow anonymous connection for connection without client certificates (#3985)
  • Stop ejabberd_system_monitor before stopping node
  • captcha_url option now accepts auto value, and it's the default
  • mod_mam: Add support for XEP-0425: Message Moderation
  • mod_mam_sql: Fix problem with results of mam queries using rsm with max and before
  • mod_muc_rtbl: New module for Real-Time Block List for MUC rooms (#4017)
  • mod_roster: Set roster name from XEP-0172, or the stored one (#1611)
  • mod_roster: Preliminary support to store extra elements in subscription request (#840)
  • mod_pubsub: Pubsub xdata fields max_item/item_expira/children_max use max not infinity
  • mod_vcard_xupdate: Invalidate vcard_xupdate cache on all nodes when vcard is updated


  • ext_mod: Improve support for loading *.so files from ext_mod dependencies
  • Improve output in gen_html_doc_for_commands command
  • Fix ejabberdctl output formatting (#3979)
  • Log HTTP handler exceptions


  • New command get_room_history
  • Persist none role for outcasts
  • Try to populate room history from mam when unhibernating
  • Make mod_muc_room:set_opts process persistent flag first
  • Allow passing affiliations and subscribers to create_room_with_opts command
  • Store state in db in mod_muc:create_room()
  • Make subscribers members by default

SQL schemas:

  • Fix a long standing bug in new schema migration
  • update_sql command: Many improvements in new schema migration
  • update_sql command: Add support to migrate MySQL too
  • Change PostgreSQL SERIAL to BIGSERIAL columns
  • Fix minor SQL schema inconsistencies
  • Remove unnecessary indexes
  • New SQL schema migrate fix


  • MS SQL schema fixes
  • Add new schema for MS SQL
  • Add MS SQL support for new schema migration
  • Minor MS SQL improvements
  • Fix MS SQL error caused by ORDER BY in subquery

SQL Tests:

  • Add support for running tests on MS SQL
  • Add ability to run tests on upgraded DB
  • Un-deprecate ejabberd_config:set_option/2
  • Use python3 to run for tests
  • Correct README for creating test docker MS SQL DB
  • Fix TSQLlint warnings in MSSQL test script


  • Fix Shellcheck warnings in shell scripts
  • Fix Remark-lint warnings
  • Fix Prospector and Pylint warnings in test
  • Stop testing ejabberd with Erlang/OTP 19.3, as Github Actions no longer supports ubuntu-18.04
  • Test only with oldest OTP supported (20.0), newest stable (25.3) and bleeding edge (26.0-rc2)
  • Upload Common Test logs as artifact in case of failure

ecs container image:

  • Update Alpine to 3.17 to get Erlang/OTP 25 and Elixir 1.14
  • Add tini as runtime init
  • Set ERLANG_NODE fixed to ejabberd@localhost
  • Upload images as artifacts to Github Actions
  • Publish tag images automatically to

ejabberd container image:

  • Update Alpine to 3.17 to get Erlang/OTP 25 and Elixir 1.14
  • Add METHOD to build container using packages (#3983)
  • Add tini as runtime init
  • Detect runtime dependencies automatically
  • Remove unused Mix stuff: ejabberd script and static COOKIE
  • Copy captcha scripts to /opt/ejabberd-*/lib like the installers
  • Expose only HOME volume, it contains all the required subdirs
  • ejabberdctl: Don't use .../releases/COOKIE, it's no longer included


  • make-binaries: Bump versions, e.g. erlang/otp to 25.3
  • make-binaries: Fix building with erlang/otp v25.x
  • make-packages: Fix for installers workflow, which didn't find lynx

Version 23.01


  • Add misc:uri_parse/2 to allow declaring default ports for protocols
  • CAPTCHA: Add support to define module instead of path to script
  • Clustering: Handle mnesia_system_event mnesia_up when other node joins this (#3842)
  • ConverseJS: Don't set i18n option because Converse enforces it instead of browser lang (#3951)
  • ConverseJS: Try to redirect access to files mod_conversejs to CDN when there is no local copies
  • ext_mod: compile C files and install them in ejabberd's priv
  • ext_mod: Support to get module status from Elixir modules
  • make-binaries: reduce log output
  • make-binaries: Bump zlib version to 1.2.13
  • MUC: Don't store mucsub presence events in offline storage
  • MUC: hibernation_time is not an option worth storing in room state (#3946)
  • Multicast: Jid format when multicastc was cached (#3950)
  • mysql: Pass ssl options to mysql driver
  • pgsql: Do not set standard_conforming_strings to off (#3944)
  • OAuth: Accept jid as a HTTP URL query argument
  • OAuth: Handle when client is not identified
  • PubSub: Expose the pubsub#type field in disco#info query to the node (#3914)
  • Translations: Update German translation


  • api_permissions: Fix option crash when doesn't have who: section
  • log_modules_fully: New option to list modules that will log everything
  • outgoing_s2s_families: Changed option's default to IPv6, and fall back to IPv4
  • Fix bash completion when using Relive or other install methods
  • Fix portability issue with some shells (#3970)
  • Allow admin command to subscribe new users to members_only rooms
  • Use alternative split/2 function that works with Erlang/OTP as old as 19.3
  • Silent warning in OTP24 about not specified cacerts in SQL connections
  • Fix compilation warnings with Elixir 1.14


  • Support extended -protocol erlang attribute
  • Add extended RFCs and XEP details to some protocol attributes
  • tools/ New script to generate DOAP file, add make doap (#3915)
  • ejabberd.doap: New DOAP file describing ejabberd supported protocols


  • Add MQTT bridge module
  • Add support for certificate authentication in MQTT bridge
  • Implement reload in MQTT bridge
  • Add support for websockets to MQTT bridge
  • Recognize ws5/wss5 urls in MQTT bridge
  • mqtt_publish: New hook for MQTT publish event
  • mqtt_(un)subscribe: New hooks for MQTT subscribe & unsubscribe events


  • Improve .devcontainer to use use devcontainer image and .vscode
  • Add .vscode files to instruct VSCode how to run ejabberd
  • Add Erlang LS default configuration
  • Add Elvis default configuration

Version 22.10


  • Add log_burst_limit_* options (#3865)
  • Support ERL_DIST_PORT option to work without epmd
  • Auth JWT: Catch all errors from jose_jwt:verify and log debugging details (#3890)
  • CAPTCHA: Support @VERSION@ and @SEMVER@ in captcha_cmd option (#3835)
  • HTTP: Fix unix socket support (#3894)
  • HTTP: Handle invalid values in X-Forwarded-For header more gracefuly
  • Listeners: Let module take over socket
  • Listeners: Don't register listeners that failed to start in config reload
  • mod_admin_extra: Handle empty roster group names
  • mod_conversejs: Fix crash when mod_register not enabled (#3824)
  • mod_host_meta: Complain at start if listener is not encrypted
  • mod_ping: Fix regression on stop_ping in clustering context (#3817)
  • mod_pubsub: Don't crash on command failures
  • mod_shared_roster: Fix cache invalidation
  • mod_shared_roster_ldap: Update roster_get hook to use #roster_item{}
  • prosody2ejabberd: Fix parsing of scram password from prosody


  • Fix MIX's filter_nodes
  • Return user jid on join
  • mod_mix_pam: Add new MIX namespaces to disco features
  • mod_mix_pam: Add handling of IQs with newer MIX namespaces
  • mod_mix_pam: Do roster pushes on join/leave
  • mod_mix_pam: Parse sub elements of the mix join remote result
  • mod_mix_pam: Provide MIX channels as roster entries via hook
  • mod_mix_pam: Display joined channels on webadmin page
  • mod_mix_pam: Adapt to renaming of participant-id from mix_roster_channel record
  • mod_roster: Change hook type from #roster{} to #roster_item{}
  • mod_roster: Respect MIX <annotate/> setting
  • mod_roster: Adapt to change of mix_annotate type to boolean in roster_query
  • mod_shared_roster: Fix wrong hook type #roster{} (now #roster_item{})


  • Store role, and use it when joining a moderated room (#3330)
  • Don't persist none role (#3330)
  • Allow MUC service admins to bypass max_user_conferences limitation
  • Show allow_query_users room option in disco info (#3830)
  • mod_muc_room: Don't set affiliation to none if it's already none in process_item_change/3
  • Fix mucsub unsubscribe notification payload to have muc_unsubcribe in it
  • Allow muc_{un}subscribe hooks to modify sent packets
  • Pass room state to muc_{un}subscribed hook
  • The archive_msg export fun requires MUC Service for room archives
  • Export mod_muc_admin:get_room_pid/2
  • Export function for getting room diagnostics


  • Handle errors reported from begin/commit inside transaction
  • Make connection close errors bubble up from inside sql transaction
  • Make first sql reconnect wait shorter time
  • React to sql driver process exit earlier
  • Skip connection exit message when we triggered reconnection
  • Add syntax_tools to applications, required when using ejabberd_sql_pt (#3869)
  • Fix mam delete_old_messages_batch for sql backend
  • Use INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE for upsert on mysql
  • Update mysql library
  • Catch mysql connection being close earlier


  • make all: Generate start scripts here, not in make install (#3821)
  • make clean: Improve this and "distclean"
  • make deps: Ensure deps configuration is ran when getting deps (#3823)
  • make help: Update with recent changes
  • make install: Don't leak DESTDIR in files copied by 'make install'
  • make options: Fix error reporting on OTP24+
  • make update: configure also in this case, similarly to make deps
  • Add definition to detect OTP older than 25, used by ejabberd_auth_http
  • Configure eimp with mix to detect image convert properly (#3823)
  • Remove unused macro definitions detected by rebar3_hank
  • Remove unused header files which content is already in xmpp library


  • Get ejabberd-contrib sources to include them
  • Copy .ejabberd-modules directory if available
  • Do not clone repo inside container build
  • Use make deps, which performs additional steps (#3823)
  • Support ERL_DIST_PORT option to work without epmd
  • Copy ejabberd-docker-install.bat from docker-ejabberd git and rename it
  • Set a less frequent healthcheck to reduce CPU usage (#3826)
  • Fix build instructions, add more podman examples


  • make-binaries: Include CAPTCHA script with release
  • make-binaries: Edit rebar.config more carefully
  • make-binaries: Fix linking of EIMP dependencies
  • make-binaries: Fix GitHub release version checks
  • make-binaries: Adjust Mnesia spool directory path
  • make-binaries: Bump Erlang/OTP version to
  • make-binaries: Bump Expat and libpng versions
  • make-packages: Include systemd unit with RPM
  • make-packages: Fix permissions on RPM systems
  • make-installers: Support non-root installation
  • make-installers: Override code on upgrade
  • make-installers: Apply cosmetic changes

External modules:

  • ext_mod: Support managing remote nodes in the cluster
  • ext_mod: Handle correctly when COMMIT.json not found
  • Don't bother with COMMIT.json user-friendly feature in automated user case
  • Handle not found COMMIT.json, for example in GH Actions
  • Add WebAdmin page for managing external modules

Workflows Actions:

  • Update workflows to Erlang 25
  • Update workflows: Ubuntu 18 is deprecated and 22 is added
  • CI: Remove syntax_tools from applications, as fast_xml fails Dialyzer
  • Runtime: Add Xref options to be as strict as CI

Version 22.05


  • C2S: Don't expect that socket will be available in c2s_terminated hook
  • Event handling process hook tracing
  • Guard against erlang:system_info(logical_processors) not always returning a number
  • domain_balancing: Allow for specifying type only, without specifying component_number


  • Add TLS certificate authentication for MQTT connections
  • Fix login when generating client id, keep connection record (#3593)
  • Pass property name as expected in mqtt_codec (fixes login using MQTT 5)
  • Support MQTT subscriptions spread over the cluster (#3750)


  • Attach meta field with real jid to mucsub subscription events
  • Handle user removal
  • Stop empty MUC rooms 30 seconds after creation
  • default_room_options: Update options configurable
  • subscribe_room_many_max_users: New option in mod_muc_admin


  • Improved options to support @HOST@ and auto values
  • Set auth and register options based on ejabberd configuration
  • conversejs_options: New option
  • conversejs_resources: New option


  • mod_pubsub: Allow for limiting item_expire value
  • mod_pubsub: Unsubscribe JID on whitelist removal
  • node_pep: Add config-node and multi-items features (#3714)


  • Improve compatibility with various db engine versions
  • Sync old-to-new schema script with reality (#3790)
  • Slight improvement in MSSQL testing support, but not yet complete

Other Modules

  • auth_jwt: Checking if an user is active in SM for a JWT authenticated user (#3795)
  • mod_configure: Implement Get List of Registered/Online Users from XEP-0133
  • mod_host_meta: New module to serve host-meta files, see XEP-0156
  • mod_mam: Store all mucsub notifications not only message notifications
  • mod_ping: Delete ping timer if resource is gone after the ping has been sent
  • mod_ping: Don't send ping if resource is gone
  • mod_push: Fix notifications for pending sessions (XEP-0198)
  • mod_push: Keep push session ID on session resume
  • mod_shared_roster: Adjust special group cache size
  • mod_shared_roster: Normalize JID on unset_presence (#3752)
  • mod_stun_disco: Fix parsing of IPv6 listeners


  • autoconf: Supported from 2.59 to the new 2.71
  • fast_tls: Update to 1.1.14 to support OpenSSL 3
  • jiffy: Update to 1.1.1 to support Erlang/OTP 25.0-rc1
  • luerl: Update to 1.0.0, now available in
  • lager: This dependency is used only when Erlang is older than 22
  • rebar2: Updated binary to work from Erlang/OTP 22 to 25
  • rebar3: Updated binary to work from Erlang/OTP 22 to 25
  • make update: Fix when used with rebar 3.18


  • mix release: Copy include/ files for ejabberd, deps and otp, in mix.exs
  • rebar3 release: Fix ERTS path in ejabberdctl
  • Set default ejabberd version number when not using git
  • mix.exs: Move some dependencies as optional
  • mix.exs: No need to use Distillery, Elixir has built-in support for OTP releases (#3788)
  • tools/make-binaries: New script for building Linux binaries
  • tools/make-installers: New script for building command line installers


  • New make relive similar to ejabberdctl live without installing
  • ejabberdctl: Fix some warnings detected by ShellCheck
  • ejabberdctl: Mention in the help: etop, ping and started/stopped
  • make rel: Switch to paths: conf/, database/, logs/
  • mix.exs: Add -boot and -boot_var in ejabberdctl instead of adding vm.args
  • tools/ Fix some warnings detected by ShellCheck


  • Accept more types of ejabberdctl commands arguments as JSON-encoded
  • delete_old_mam_messages_batch: New command with rate limit
  • delete_old_messages_batch: New command with rate limit
  • get_room_occupants_number: Don't request the whole MUC room state (#3684, #1964)
  • get_vcard: Add support for MUC room vCard
  • oauth_revoke_token: Add support to work with all backends
  • room_unused_*: Optimize commands in SQL by reusing created_at
  • rooms_unused_...: Let get_all_rooms handle global argument (#3726)
  • stop|restart: Terminate ejabberd_sm before everything else to ensure sessions closing (#3641)
  • subscribe_room_many: New command


  • Updated Catalan
  • Updated French
  • Updated German
  • Updated Portuguese
  • Updated Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Updated Spanish


  • CI: Publish CT logs and Cover on failure to an external GH Pages repo
  • CI: Test shell scripts using ShellCheck (#3738)
  • Container: New workflow to build and publish containers
  • Installers: Add job to create draft release
  • Installers: New workflow to build binary packages
  • Runtime: New workflow to test compilation, rel, starting and ejabberdctl

Version 21.12


  • create_room_with_opts: Fixed when using SQL storage
  • change_room_option: Add missing fields from config inside mod_muc_admin:change_options
  • piefxis: Fixed arguments of all commands


  • mod_caps: Don't forget caps on XEP-0198 resumption
  • mod_conversejs: New module to serve a simple page for Converse.js
  • mod_http_upload_quota: Avoid max_days race
  • mod_muc: Support MUC hats (XEP-0317, conversejs/prosody compatible)
  • mod_muc: Optimize MucSub processing
  • mod_muc: Fix exception in mucsub {un}subscription events multicast handler
  • mod_multicast: Improve and optimize multicast routing code
  • mod_offline: Allow storing non-composing x:events in offline
  • mod_ping: Send ping from server, not bare user JID
  • mod_push: Fix handling of MUC/Sub messages
  • mod_register: New allow_modules option to restrict registration modules
  • mod_register_web: Handle unknown host gracefully
  • mod_register_web: Use mod_register configured restrictions


  • Add delete_expired_pubsub_items command
  • Add delete_old_pubsub_items command
  • Optimize publishing on large nodes (SQL)
  • Support unlimited number of items
  • Support max_items=max node configuration
  • Bump default value for max_items limit from 10 to 1000
  • Use configured max_items by default
  • node_flat: Avoid catch-all clauses for RSM
  • node_flat_sql: Avoid catch-all clauses for RSM


  • Use INSERT ... ON CONFLICT in SQL_UPSERT for PostgreSQL >= 9.5
  • mod_mam export: assign MUC entries to the MUC service
  • MySQL: Fix typo when creating index
  • PgSQL: Add SASL auth support, PostgreSQL 14
  • PgSQL: Add missing SQL migration for table push_session
  • PgSQL: Fix vcard_search definition in pgsql new schema


  • "sort -R" command not POSIX, added "shuf" and "cat" as fallback
  • Make s2s connection table cleanup more robust
  • Update export/import of scram password to XEP-0227 1.1
  • Update Jose to 1.11.1 (the last in correctly versioned)

Version 21.07


  • Add rebar3 3.15.2 binary
  • Add support for mix to: ./configure --enable-rebar=mix
  • Improved make rel to work with rebar3 and mix
  • Add make dev to build a development release with rebar3 or mix
  • Hex: Add sql/ and vars.config to Hex package files
  • Hex: Update mix applications list to fix error p1_utils is listed as both...
  • There are so many targets in Makefile... add make help
  • Fix failure in test suite with Python 3
  • Added experimental support for GitHub Codespaces
  • Switch test service from TravisCI to GitHub Actions


  • Display extended error message in ejabberdctl
  • Remove SMP option from ejabberdctl.cfg, -smp was removed in OTP 21
  • create_room: After creating room, store in DB if it's persistent
  • help: Major changes in its usage and output
  • srg_create: Update to use label parameter instead of name


  • ejabberd_listener: New send_timeout option
  • mod_mix: Improvements to update to 0.14.1
  • mod_muc_room: Don't leak owner JIDs
  • mod_multicast: Routing for more MUC packets
  • mod_multicast: Correctly strip only other bcc addresses
  • mod_mqtt: Allow shared roster group placeholder in mqtt topic
  • mod_pubsub: Several fixes when using PubSub with RSM
  • mod_push: Handle MUC/Sub events correctly
  • mod_shared_roster: Delete cache after performing change to be sure that in cache will be up to date data
  • mod_shared_roster: Improve database and caching
  • mod_shared_roster: Reconfigure cache when options change
  • mod_vcard: Fix invalid_encoding error when using extended plane characters in vcard
  • mod_vcard: Update econf:vcard() to generate correct vcard_temp record
  • WebAdmin: New simple pages to view mnesia tables information and content
  • WebSocket: Fix typos


  • MySQL Backend Patch for scram-sha512
  • SQLite: When exporting for SQLite, use its specific escape options
  • SQLite: Minor fixes for new_sql_schema support
  • mod_privacy: Cast as boolean when exporting privacy_list_data to PostgreSQL
  • mod_mqtt: Add mqtt_pub table definition for MSSQL
  • mod_shared_roster: Add missing indexes to sr_group tables in all SQL databases

Version 21.04

API Commands:

  • add_rosteritem/...: Add argument guards to roster commands
  • get_user_subscriptions: New command for MUC/Sub
  • remove_mam_for_user_with_peer: Fix when removing room archive
  • send_message: Fix bug introduced in ejabberd 21.01
  • set_vcard: Return modules errors

Build and setup:

  • Allow ejabberd to be compatible as a dependency for an Erlang project using rebar3
  • CAPTCHA: New question/answer-based CAPTCHA script
  • --enable-lua: new configure option for luerl instead of --enable-tools
  • Remove support for HiPE, it was experimental and Erlang/OTP 24 removes it
  • Update sql_query record to handle the Erlang/OTP 24 compiler reports
  • Updated dependencies to fix Dialyzer warnings


  • CAPTCHA: Update FORM_TYPE from captcha to register
  • LDAP: fix eldap certificate verification
  • MySQL: Fix for "specified key was too long"
  • Translations: updated the Esperanto, Greek, and Japanese translations
  • Websocket: Fix PONG responses


  • mod_block_strangers: If stanza is type error, allow it passing
  • mod_caps: Don't request roster when not needed
  • mod_caps: Skip reading roster in one more case
  • mod_mam: Remove queryid from MAM fin element
  • mod_mqtt: When deregistering XMPP account, close its MQTT sessions
  • mod_muc: Take in account subscriber's affiliation when checking access to moderated room
  • mod_muc: Use monitors to track online and hard-killed rooms
  • mod_muc: When occupant is banned, remove his subscriptions too
  • mod_privacy: Make fetching roster lazy
  • mod_pubsub: Don't fail on PEP unsubscribe
  • mod_pubsub: Fix gen_pubsub_node:get_state return value
  • mod_vcard: Obtain and provide photo type in vCard LDAP

Version 21.01

Miscellaneous changes:

  • log_rotate_size option: Fix handling of ‘infinity’ value
  • mod_time: Fix invalid timezone
  • Auth JWT: New check_decoded_jwt hook runs the default JWT verifier
  • MUC: Allow non-occupant non-subscribed service admin send private MUC message
  • MUC: New max_password and max_captcha_whitelist options
  • OAuth: New oauth_cache_rest_failure_life_time option
  • PEP: Skip reading pep nodes that we know won’t be requested due to caps
  • SQL: Add sql script to migrate mysql from old schema to new
  • SQL: Don’t use REPLACE for upsert when there are “-” fields.
  • Shared Rosters LDAP: Add multi-domain support (and flexibility)
  • Sqlite3: Fix dependency version
  • Stun: Block loopback addresses by default
  • Several documentation fixes and clarifications


  • decide_room: Use better fallback value for room activity time when skipping room
  • delete_old_message: Fix when using sqlite spool table
  • module_install: Make ext_mod compile module with debug_info flags
  • room_unused_*: Don’t fetch subscribers list
  • send_message: Don’t include empty in messages
  • set_room_affiliation: Validate affiliations


  • Docker: New Dockerfile and devcontainer.json
  • New ejabberdctl foreground-quiet
  • Systemd: Allow for listening on privileged ports
  • Systemd: Integrate nicely with systemd


  • Moved gettext PO files to a new ejabberd-po repository
  • Improved several translations: Catalan, Chinese, German, Greek, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish.

Version 20.12

  • Add support for SCRAM-SHA-{256,512}-{PLUS} authentication
  • Don't use same value in cache for user don't exist and wrong password
  • outgoing_s2s_ipv*_address: New options to set ipv4/ipv6 outbound s2s out interface
  • s2s_send_packet: this hook now filters outgoing s2s stanzas
  • start_room: new hook runs when a room process is started
  • check_decoded_jwt: new hook to check decoded JWT after success authentication


  • Docker: Fix DB initialization
  • New sql_odbc_driver option: choose the mssql ODBC driver
  • Rebar3: Fully supported. Enable with ./configure --with-rebar=/path/to/rebar3
  • systemd: start ejabberd in foreground


  • MAM: Make sure that jid used as base in mam xml_compress is bare
  • MAM: Support for MAM Flipped Pages
  • MUC: Always show MucSub subscribers nicks
  • MUC: Don't forget not-persistent rooms in load_permanent_rooms
  • MUC Admin: Better error reporting
  • MUC Admin: Fix commands with hibernated rooms
  • MUC Admin: Many improvements in rooms_unused_list/destroy
  • MUC Admin: create_room_with_opts Store options only if room starts
  • Pubsub: Remove 'dag' node plugin documentation
  • Push: Fix API call return type on error
  • Push: Support cache config changes on reload
  • Register: Allow for account-removal-only setup again
  • Roster: Make roster subscriptions work better with invalid roster state in db
  • Vcard: Fix vCard search by User when using Mnesia
  • WebAdmin: Allow vhost admins to view WebAdmin menus
  • WebAdmin: Don't do double utf-8 conversion on translated strings
  • WebAdmin: Mark dangerous buttons with CSS
  • WebSocket: Make websocket send put back pressure on c2s process

Version 20.07

Changes in this version

  • Add support for using unix sockets in listeners.
  • Make this version compatible with erlang R23
  • Make room permissions checks more strict for subscribers
  • Fix problem with muc rooms crashing when using muc logger with some locales
  • Limit stat calls that logger module issues
  • Don't throw errors when using user_regexp acl rule and having non-matching host
  • Fix problem with leaving old data when updating shared rosters
  • Fix edge case that caused failure of resuming old sessions with stream management.
  • Fix crash when room that was started with logging enabled was later changed to logging disabled
  • Increase default shaper limits (this should help with delays for clients that are using jingle)
  • Fix couple compatibility problems which prevented working on erlang R19
  • Fix sending presence unavailable when session terminates for clients that only send directed presences (helps with sometimes not leaving muc rooms on disconnect).
  • Prevent supervisor errors for sockets that were closed before they were passed to handler modules
  • Make stun module work better with ipv6 addresses

Version 20.03

Changes in this version

  • Add support of ssl connection when connection to mysql database (configured with sql_ssl: true option)
  • Experimental support for cockroachdb when configured with postgres connector
  • Add cache and optimize queries issued by mod_shared_roster, this should greatly improve performance of this module when used with sql backend
  • Fix problem with accessing webadmin
  • Make webadmin work even when url is missing trailing slash
  • When compiling external modules with ext_mod, use flags that were detected during compilation of ejabberd
  • Make config changed to ldap options be updated when issued reload_config command
  • Fix room_empty_destory command
  • Fix reporting errors in send_stanza command when xml passed to it couldn't be passed correctly

Version 20.02

Changes in this version

  • Fix problems when trying to use string format with unicode values directly in xmpp nodes
  • Add missing oauth_client table declaration in
  • Improve compatibility with CocroachDB
  • Fix importing of piefxis files that did use scram passwords
  • Fix importing of piefxis files that had multiple includes in them
  • Update jiffy dependency
  • Allow storage of emojis when using mssql database (Thanks to Christoph Scholz)
  • Make ejabberd_auth_http be able to use auth_opts
  • Make custom_headers options in http modules correctly override built-in values
  • Fix return value of reload_config and dump_config commands

Version 20.01

New features

  • Implement OAUTH authentication in mqtt
  • Make logging infrastructure use new logger introduced in Erlang (requires OTP22)
  • New configuration parser/validator
  • Initial work on being able to use CockroachDB as database backend
  • Add gc command
  • Add option to disable using prepared statements on Postgresql
  • Implement routine for converting password to SCRAM format for all backends not only SQL
  • Add infrastructure for having module documentation directly in individual module source code
  • Generate man page automatically
  • Implement copy feature in mod_carboncopy


  • Make webadmin work with configurable paths
  • Fix handling of result in xmlrpc module
  • Make webadmin work even when accessed through not declared domain
  • Better error reporting in xmlrpc
  • Limit amount of results returned by disco queries to pubsub nodes
  • Improve validation of configured JWT keys
  • Fix race condition in Redis/SQL startup
  • Fix loading order of third party modules
  • Fix reloading of ACL rules
  • Make account removal requests properly route response
  • Improve handling of malformed inputs in send_message command
  • Omit push notification if storing message in offline storage failed
  • Fix crash in stream management when timeout was not set

Version 19.09


  • The minimum required Erlang/OTP version is now 19.3
  • Fix API call using OAuth (#2982)
  • Rename MUC command arguments from Host to Service (#2976)


  • Don't treat 'Host' header as a virtual XMPP host (#2989)
  • Fix some links to Guide in WebAdmin and add new ones (#3003)
  • Use select fields to input host in WebAdmin Backup (#3000)
  • Check account auth provided in WebAdmin is a local host (#3000)


  • Improve ACME implementation
  • Fix IDA support in ACME requests
  • Fix unicode formatting in ACME module
  • Log an error message on IDNA failure
  • Support IDN hostnames in ACME requests
  • Don't attempt to create ACME directory on ejabberd startup
  • Don't allow requesting certificates for localhost or IP-like domains
  • Don't auto request certificate for localhost and IP-like domains
  • Add listener for ACME challenge in example config


  • JWT-only authentication for some users (#3012)


  • Apply default role after revoking admin affiliation (#3023)
  • Custom exit message is not broadcast (#3004)
  • Revert "Affiliations other than admin and owner cannot invite to members_only rooms" (#2987)
  • When join new room with password, set pass and password_protected (#2668)
  • Improve rooms_* commands to accept 'global' as MUC service argument (#2976)
  • Rename MUC command arguments from Host to Service (#2976)


  • Fix transactions for Microsoft SQL Server (#2978)
  • Spawn SQL connections on demand only


  • Add support for XEP-0328: JID Prep
  • Added gsfonts for captcha
  • Log Mnesia table type on creation
  • Replicate Mnesia 'bosh' table when nodes are joined
  • Fix certificate selection for s2s (#3015)
  • Provide meaningful error when adding non-local users to shared roster (#3000)
  • Websocket: don't treat 'Host' header as a virtual XMPP host (#2989)
  • Fix sm ack related c2s error (#2984)
  • Don't hide the reason why c2s connection has failed
  • Unicode support
  • Correctly handle unicode in log messages
  • Fix unicode processing in ejabberd.yml

Version 19.08


  • Improve ejabberd halting procedure
  • Process unexpected erlang messages uniformly: logging a warning
  • mod_configure: Remove modules management


  • Use new configuration validator
  • ejabberd_http: Use correct virtual host when consulting trusted_proxies
  • Fix Elixir modules detection in the configuration file
  • Make option 'validate_stream' global
  • Allow multiple definitions of host_config and append_host_config
  • Introduce option 'captcha_url'
  • mod_stream_mgmt: Allow flexible timeout format
  • mod_mqtt: Allow flexible timeout format in session_expiry option


  • Fix SQL connections leakage
  • New authentication method using JWT tokens
  • extauth: Add 'certauth' command
  • Improve SQL pool logic
  • Add and improve type specs
  • Improve extraction of translated strings
  • Improve error handling/reporting when loading language translations
  • Improve hooks validator and fix bugs related to hooks registration
  • Gracefully close inbound s2s connections
  • mod_mqtt: Fix usage of TLS
  • mod_offline: Make count_offline_messages cache work when using mam for storage
  • mod_privacy: Don't attempt to query 'undefined' active list
  • mod_privacy: Fix race condition


  • Add code for hibernating inactive muc_room processes
  • Improve handling of unexpected iq in mod_muc_room
  • Attach mod_muc_room processes to a supervisor
  • Restore room when receiving message or generic iq for not started room
  • Distribute routing of MUC messages across all CPU cores


  • Fix pending nodes retrieval for SQL backend
  • Check access_model when publishing PEP
  • Remove deprecated pubsub plugins
  • Expose access_model and publish_model in pubsub#metadata

Version 19.05


  • The minimum required Erlang/OTP version is now 19.1
  • Provide a suggestion when unknown command, module, option or request handler is detected
  • Deprecate some listening options: captcha, register, web_admin, http_bind and xmlrpc
  • Add commands to get Mnesia info: mnesia_info and mnesia_table_info
  • Fix Register command to respect mod_register's Access option
  • Fixes in Prosody import: privacy and rooms
  • Remove TLS options from the example config
  • Improve request_handlers validator
  • Fix syntax in example Elixir config file


  • Correctly support cache tags in ejabberd_auth
  • Don't process failed EXTERNAL authentication by mod_fail2ban
  • Don't call to mod_register when it's not loaded
  • Make anonymous auth don't {de}register user when there are other resources


  • Rename listening callback from start/2 to start/3
  • New hook called when room gets destroyed: room_destroyed
  • New hooks for tracking mucsub subscriptions changes: muc_subscribed, muc_unsubscribed
  • Make static hooks analyzer working again


  • Service admins are allowed to recreate room even if archive is nonempty
  • New option user_mucsub_from_muc_archive
  • Avoid late arrival of get_disco_item response
  • Handle get_subscribed_rooms call from mod_muc_room pid
  • Fix room state cleanup from db on change of persistent option change
  • Make get_subscribed_rooms work even for non-persistant rooms
  • Allow non-moderator subscribers to get list of room subscribers


  • New option bounce_groupchat: make it not bounce mucsub/groupchat messages
  • New option use_mam_for_storage: fetch data from mam instead of spool table
  • When applying limit of max msgs in spool check only spool size
  • Do not store mucsub wrapped messages with no-store hint in offline storage
  • Always store ActivityMarker messages
  • Don't issue count/message fetch queries for offline from mam when not needed
  • Properly handle infinity as max number of message in mam offline storage
  • Sort messages by stanza_id when using mam storage in mod_offline
  • Return correct value from count_offline_messages with mam storage option
  • Make mod_offline put msg ignored by mam in spool when mam storage is on


  • Add SQL schemas for MQTT tables
  • Report better errors on SQL terms decode failure
  • Fix PostgreSQL compatibility in mod_offline_sql:remove_old_messages
  • Fix handling of list arguments on pgsql
  • Preliminary support for SQL in process_rosteritems command


  • Add tests for user mucsub mam from muc mam
  • Add tests for offline with mam storage
  • Add tests for offline use_mam_for_storage
  • Initial Docker environment to run ejabberd test suite
  • Test offline:use_mam_for_storage, mam:user_mucsub_from_muc_archive used together


  • Add WebSockets support to mod_mqtt
  • Return "Bad request" error when origin in websocket connection doesn't match
  • Fix RFC6454 violation on websocket connection when validating Origin header
  • Origin header validation on websocket connection

Other modules

  • mod_adhoc: Use xml:lang from stanza when it's missing in element
  • mod_announce: Add 'sessionid' attribute when required
  • mod_bosh: Don't put duplicate polling attribute in bosh payload
  • mod_http_api: Improve argument error messages and log messages
  • mod_http_upload: Feed whole image to eimp:identify/1
  • mod_http_upload: Log nicer warning on unknown host
  • mod_http_upload: Case-insensitive host comparison
  • mod_mqtt: Support other socket modules
  • mod_push: Check for payload in encrypted messages

Version 19.02


  • Fix in the Erlang/OTP version: from 17.5 to 19.0
  • reload_config command: Fix crash when sql_pool_size option is used
  • reload_config command: Fix crash when SQL is not configured
  • rooms_empty_destroy command: Several fixes to behave more conservative
  • Fix serverhost->host parameter name for muc_(un)register_nick API


  • Allow specifying tag for listener for api_permission purposes
  • Change default ciphers to intermediate
  • Define default ciphers/protocol_option in example config
  • Don't crash on malformed 'modules' section
  • mod_mam: New option clear_archive_on_room_destroy to prevent archive removal on room destroy
  • mod_mam: New option access_preferences to restrict who can modify the MAM preferences
  • mod_muc: New option access_mam to restrict who can modify that room option
  • mod_offline: New option store_groupchat to allow storing group chat messages


  • Add MQTT protocol support
  • Fix (un)setting of priority
  • Use OTP application startup infrastructure for starting dependencies
  • Improve starting order of several dependencies


  • mod_mam_mnesia/sql: Improve check for empty archive
  • disallow room creation if archive not empty and clear_archive_on_room_destroy is false
  • allow check if archive is empty for or user or room
  • Additional checks for database failures


  • Make sure that room_destroyed is called even when some code throws in terminate
  • Update muc room state after adding extra access field to it
  • MUC/Sub: Send mucsub subscriber notification events with from set to room jid

Shared Roster

  • Don't perform roster push for non-local contacts
  • Handle versioning result when shared roster group has remote account
  • Fix SQL queries


  • CAPTCHA: Add no-store hint to CAPTCHA challenge stanzas
  • HTTP: Reject http_api request with malformed Authentication header
  • mod_carboncopy: Don't lose carbons on presence change or session resumption
  • mod_mix: Fix submission-id and channel resource
  • mod_ping: Fix ping IQ reply/timeout processing (17.x regression)
  • mod_private: Hardcode item ID for PEP bookmarks
  • mod_push: Improve notification error handling
  • PIEFXIS: Fix user export when password is scrammed
  • Prosody: Improve import of roster items, rooms and attributes
  • Translations: fixed "make translations"
  • WebAdmin: Fix support to restart module with new options

Version 18.12

  • MAM data store compression
  • Proxy protocol support
  • MUC Self-Ping optimization (XEP-0410)
  • Bookmarks conversion (XEP-0411)