ejabberd for Developers

As a developer, you can customize ejabberd to design almost every type of XMPP related type of solutions.

As a starting point, we recommend that you get extremely familiar with both the core XMPP protocol itself and its extensions.

From that, once you understand well XMPP, you can tame ejabberd to build your dream messaging system.

Getting started

Source code

ejabberd source is available on Github: ejabberd

You will need to get familiar with it to start learning about ejabberd module writing. The first place to start? You should read the time module. This is one of the simplest possible module for ejabberd.

Another great source of inspiration and knowledge is to read the source code of the many contributed ejabberd modules. Many of them are available from ejabberd-contribs repository.

For a complete overview of ejabberd source code and its dependencies, please refer to ejabberd and related repositories

Development Environment

The first step to develop for ejabberd is to install and configure your development environment:

Customizing ejabberd