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Install ejabberd using a Container Image

There are two official container images of ejabberd that you can install using docker (or podman):

ejabberd Container Image

The "ejabberd" container image is available in the GitHub Container Registry. It is available for x64 and arm64, both for stable ejabberd releases and the master branch. Check the "ejabberd" container documentation.

For example, download the latest stable ejabberd release:

docker pull

If you use Microsoft Windows 7, 10, or similar operating systems, check those tutorials:

For bug reports and improvement suggestions, if you use the "ecs" container image please go to the docker-ejabberd GitHub Issues, if using the "ejabberd" container image from github please go to the ejabberd GitHub Issues

ecs Container Image

The "ecs" container image allows to get ejabberd stable releases in x64 machines. Check the "ecs" container documentation.

Download ejabberd with:

docker pull