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Upgrade to ejabberd 21.12

PostgreSQL new schema

If you migrated your PostgreSQL database from old to new schema using previous ejabberd versions, your database may be missing the migration steps for the push_session table. You can update it now with:

ALTER TABLE push_session ADD COLUMN server_host text NOT NULL DEFAULT '<HOST>';
DROP INDEX i_push_usn;
DROP INDEX i_push_ut;
ALTER TABLE push_session ADD PRIMARY KEY (server_host, username, timestamp);
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX i_push_session_susn ON push_session USING btree (server_host, username, service, node);

In the PostgreSQL new schema, the primary key for the vcard_search table was wrong. How to update an existing database:

ALTER TABLE vcard_search DROP CONSTRAINT vcard_search_pkey;
ALTER TABLE vcard_search ADD PRIMARY KEY (server_host, lusername);

mod_register_web restrictions

mod_register_web is now affected by the restrictions that you configure in mod_register.