Unattended Installation

Bitrock framework allow unattended installation. With this mode, the installer will not prompt the user for any information and will instead use the default settings configured for each of the parameters. That way, no input is required from the user during the installation. It's also possible to define the values through command line or using a configuration file

./sample-installer.bin --mode unattended --param1 value1 --param2 value2 ....
./sample-installer.bin --mode unattended --optionfile optionfile

Where optionfile should contain a list of pairs key=value. For instance:


Available parameters for ejabberd installer

Installer recognizes those options:

--admin <username>: sets user name used that should have admin access

--adminpw <password>: password used by admin user

--ejabberddomain <domain>: domain that should be used XMPP server

--installdir <path>: installation directory

--cluster <0|1>: setting this to 1 would setup this installation as a part of cluster (by default it's value is assumed 0)

--hostname <name>: node id used by ejabberd to use as part of erlang node id (has only be set when using clustered environment